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Closing Day @ Can Am

Posted on September 12, 2016 at 7:45 PM

This past Saturday saw the closing day of the dirt track race season @ Can Am Speedway. A quick check of the radar and weather before leaving showed it was looking pretty good.

Once I hit the 401 the Sun fadded away and the clouds appeared. As I crossed the last bridge to cross the St. Laurence river I noticed Sund and clearing to the South/West. I arrived at the track to the clouds and wind.

As I made my way towards the pit gate, it became clear that fans would be in for a treat as a few sprint teams were parked outside the pit gate and the pits were full. Thunder Stock and Vintage Modifieds were parked on the infield. Before hot laps began few sprinkles of rain came down. They were short lived and hot laps followed by heats got underway. The Clouds were still present however that clear spot was to the South West.

After intermission as Features got underway sheet lighting became present to the west of the track. It wasn't looking to good with the lightning and strong wind. Those same strongs wind would bring clear skies and a visble moon. Much relif to racers and fans.

Fans were treated to a great Fireworks show. I left the track and got on I-81 and got a sudden intense down pour. It soon stopped and light rain fell. The lightning continued in the sky all the way home.

On the bright side the car got a free wash on the way home which washed away most of the NY Dirt tracks dust.

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